Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ask The Guy Which Sport He Plays

This wonderful happy ending story reminds me of an old joke.

A woman was trapped on the third story of a burning apartment building holding her baby. She was screaming for help repeating over and over again, "Someone save my baby, please save my baby."

A man walked by, saw her and yelled up at her, "Lady, toss down your baby and I will catch it." The woman said, "No, you will drop her." The man yelled back, "Lady I won't drop her, I play wide receiver for the NFL."

The woman still hesitated, yelling back that she was sure he would not catch her precious little one. The man yelled again, "Lady, don't worry, I will catch your baby, I was All American in college."

The lady still hesitated, crying that she was sure her baby would hit the ground if she dropped her. The man, exasperated by this time, yelled up, "Look lady, I am the best receiver in the NFL, I have not one, but two Superbowl rings. I was MVP in both those games. Throw me the baby and I will catch her on my honor."

The woman, feeling the heat from the flames, finally let her baby drop down into the man's arms. She held her breath.

And just like he promised he caught the poor darling effortlessly.

Then he did an end-zone dance and spiked her.
I'm glad this guy was a baseball player.