Monday, September 17, 2007

Day and night . . .

Talk about night and day . . . yesterday was cold, rainy and windy and generally miserable outside. Today is cool, sunny and calm and a very beautiful day.

Which means I have to go out and take down some fall decorations and put up some of our Christmas decorations. I also may mow the yard . . . it doesn't need it really, but it will look more manicured for the rest of the winter if I do.

I stayed up till about 3:00 am playing WOW last night and got up at 9:00 am to play again. Since tomorrow is Monday there won't be any early morning playing until next weekend though.

So, I will talk to you guys later . . .

PS . . . to my niece and nephew who keep IMing me . . . don't think I am ignoring you . . . most of the time I have AOL minimized and am not paying attention to it. If I see you I will say hi :)