Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Anti-Immigration Groups Targeting Businesses is the headline for this story about protestors documenting American businesses hiring illegal aliens in violation of federal law. Of course the headline is false, these people are not anti-immigration, they are anti-illegal immigration.

There is a big difference, of course, but the main stream media doesn't pay much attention to differences, big or small, unless they help their liberal agenda. In this case, making the people who are trying to get American businesses to follow the law look bad. And, yes, I know this story is on Fox News, the Satan of conservative news networks. But if you look closely it is written and headlined by the Associated Press. Fox News runs the stories unchanged and doesn't pick the headlines.

Still, this should not be happening. What should be happening is that the government should be arresting and prosecuting employers for hiring illegals. Or at a minimum fining them big bucks so they stop hiring them. If the demand dries up the supply may not stop, but it might just slow down some.

The most disturbing thing about this story is the following quote by Gomez, 30, from Michoacan, Mexico, who said he and most day laborers he knows came to the U.S. illegally.

"But someday we will be legal," he said. "We just want to work. We didn't come to do anything bad to anybody."
Someday they will be legal? That is what they believe. They believe that their illegal actions will be rewarded by citizenship while those immigrants who are waiting for legal entry are left behind. And you can't really blame them since we keep sending them that signal with guest-worker programs and amnesty talk.

For the record I am not against immigration. Legal immigration made this country great and it is one of the many things that keeps it great. But illegal immigration is destroying us. And we need to do something about it before it is too late.