Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Not The Size, It's The Quality

I was strolling through my blogroll this evening and I noticed that several of the blogs I link to do not link back to me. At first I thought I was mistaken and I searched high and low for my link which I was sure was hidden under the potato salad in the back of the fridge. But then after much effort I discovered that I was correct, there were no links to TWM anywhere to be found.

My first reaction to this was annoyance. How mean of them not to return the favor of a link, I thought. But that feeling quickly turned to one of hurt. Much like the kid who gets chosen last (or not at all in this case) for dodgeball, I felt left out. Alone. What did I do wrong I asked myself? Did I offend them? Did they think they were better than me?

I thought and I thought but no answers came to me and in the long process of thinking I moved into the sour grape mode. Screw em, I thought. If they aren't going to link to me than I will delete my link to them. That would show them, I thought.

But as I searched for the password to my Blogroll account I realized that deleting them wouldn't "show them" at all. I mean, they weren't linked to me in the first place so I doubt they ever visited my blog and surely they wouldn't notice that I had de-linked them because of their elitist attitude. They probably didn't even know I had linked them in the first place so why would they know if I stopped.

So I settled down, took a deep breath and came to the realization that it didn't matter if they linked to me or not. I linked to them because I enjoyed their blogs and that was the important thing.

And in case they read this for some reason, no, I am not fishing for a link. No, don't pity TWM, I say. As a woman once said to me, "It's not the size of your Technorati link page, it's the quality."

And women don't lie about that kind of stuff, now do they?

*** Yes, I am just teasing the people who don't link back to me. Merry Christmas!