Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Not Right

Anyone who reads me regularly knows I am very vocal about illegal immigration. I feel we need to stop the flow of illegals into our country for social, economic, and security reasons. I believe all illegals should be immediately deported, employers who hire them should be held both civilly and criminally responsible, and there should be no amnesty for those already in the country. And I don't care what country they come from or what color they are, what language they speak or what religion they follow. If they are here illegally they need to go to make room for legal immigrants.

All that being said, this law is wrong. While I understand a community wanting to control over-crowding, it's obvious this law is targeted against Hispanics, both legal and illegal, since they are one of the few cultures in our country that still live in large extended family groups. And even if it wasn't, this is just a cowardly and ineffective way to address our immigration problem. All you are doing is moving the problem to another community. If you want to solve it you stop the flow at our border. You find and deport those already in the country.

Of course, laws like this are to be expected. Local communities are becoming increasingly frustrated by the unwillingness of the federal government to stop the flow of illegals throughout the country. Local services are being stretched beyond limits due to this human wave washing farther and farther into the heartland of America. Schools, social services, housing, you name it, all being overwhelmed one community at a time.

So local governments under pressure from residents are enacting all sorts of laws to deal with the problem. Some good and some bad. All because our federal government simply refuses to act.

And because of it families like this, in the country legally, U.S. citizens, are being hurt. That is not right and we need to do something about it.