Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Truth Is Remarkable

If you are sincerely interested in hearing what the military serving in Iraq thinks about how the Iraq war is going check this out.
Brian Lamb, in Friday's Washington Journal, hosted a call-in for members of the military who have served in Iraq. The questions were, are we making progress? Is the story being reported? The resulting hour of calls was just incredible. The most striking thing is that our news media, at least outlets like the NYT and the major network TV news programs, live in an alternate universe. If you have an hour, the CSPAN link is below. In the middle of the CSPAN's homepage about half way down you will find a link for "Washington Journal" for 12/9/2005. Click on the link and you will get the video link. It's great.
It takes an hour, but I listened to the whole thing while surfing the net and it is remarkable.

Via The Corner.