Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Case Worth Looking Into

As evidence that I am not some pro-death penalty nut, I offer up this case where I believe clemency should be seriously considered. If not a new trial. And I say this knowing it was a police officer who was killed.

On the other hand I resent the blogger's comment, "Gotta' love the South" at the end of this paragraph.
Maye's attorney tells me that after the trial, she spoke with two jurors by phone. She learned from them that the consensus among jurors was that Maye was convicted for two reasons. The first is that though they initially liked her, Maye's lawyer, the jury soured on her when, in her closing arguments, she intimated that if the jury showed no mercy for Maye, God might neglect to bestow mercy on them when they meet him in heaven. They said the second reason May was convicted was that the jury felt he'd been spoiled by his mother and grandmother, and wasn't very respectful of elders and authority figures. The facts of the case barely entered the picture. Gotta' love the South
Juries convict and don't convict for all sorts of weird reasons and the two cited don't just apply to juries from down South. Plus, that comment about God not bestowing mercy on the jurors was moronic and the guy's attorney should have known better. Maybe an appeal based on inadequate counsel would be in order?

Anyway, I don't know all the facts but this looks like a case for Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Jamie Fox. Where are they?