Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Movies For The Minority

Tammy Bruce points out why movie receipts are down, down, down.

So true. I read the list of Golden Globe nominees and there were few I would even consider going to see. Brokeback Mountain? Even the name sounds stupid. A new Woody Allen movie? He stopped being interesting and relevant decades ago. Add in the new Stephen Spielberg Israel-bashing fantasy film, Munich and the George Clooney "American corporations are bad, Muslim terrorists are good" flick, Syriana and you have movies that the vast majority of Americans do not find appealing. I'm not saying people won't go to see them -- both Spielberg and Clooney demand audiences on their names alone, but I don't see either one of them being the blockbuster than turns plummeting tickets sales around.

Just check out what Hollywood thinks are Oscar worthy films. Are many of us going to see this stuff? I think not.

Of course, Hollywood can make a movie about anything they want. But if they insist on making movies about subjects that few are interested in besides film students and people with political or social agendas then they really shouldn't complain about losing money.

It's not called show business for nothing.