Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Many Jokes, So Little Time

One military wife's relationship has become a fantasy since the Navy shipped off her husband.

Kingsland, Ga., newlywed Suzy Walker goes out to dinner, movies and shops with a live-size doll that eerily resembles her sailor husband, deployed on the submarine USS West Virginia, according to First Coast News in Jacksonville, Fla.

She gets shot her share of quizzical looks as she dines with the mannequin.

"I think if they knew what I was doing they would probably enjoy it," Walker told First Coast News.

Walker cooked up the idea as a way to get through her first time apart from hubby DB Walker — and fashioned a likeness of him on the doll that friends and family have found jarringly familiar.

"When I put the mustache on him, I couldn't believe the resemblance," Walker told First Coast News. "It's incredible."

Walker's approximately 40-pound substitute hubby cost her $200 and she's dragged it to the gas station to buy lotto tickets, to the movie theater and even to shop at Victoria's Secret.

"I was surfing eBay and I saw a sailor for sale," Walker told First Coast News. "One day he was used for a photo shoot in Washington, and I was the high bidder."

It took quite awhile for the word to get to her husband aboard his submarine, but when DB Walker finally heard the news he said he thought it was hysterical.

"It helps me pass the time while he's gone," Walker told First Coast News. "And knowing that I'm making him a photo album so he really will know where I've been gives me a good feeling."