Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just When I Thought I Was Out

They pull me back in by publishing national secrets that can do nothing but damage the security of our great nation and put our people at risk.
The nuclear surveillance program began in early 2002 and has been run by the FBI and the Department of Energy's Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST). Two individuals, who declined to be named because the program is highly classified, spoke to U.S. News because of their concerns about the legality of the program. At its peak, they say, the effort involved three vehicles in Washington, D.C., monitoring 120 sites per day, nearly all of them Muslim targets drawn up by the FBI. For some ten months, officials conducted daily monitoring, and they have resumed daily checks during periods of high threat. The program has also operated in at least five other cities when threat levels there have risen: Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, and Seattle.
Damn the government to hell for monitoring radiation levels in major cities in the hopes they would find a dirty bomb before it was used by terrorists. Damn them to hell for monitoring those levels near Muslim areas of towns, despite the fact that 99.9% of those terrorists are Muslim. Damn them a third time for not getting a search warrant even though one is not required to do what they were doing.

That's what the main stream media says anyway.

Only I don't feel that way. And neither do the vast majority of Americans. In fact, here's an e-mail from a reader over at The Corner that sums up my attitude toward these traitors who reveal our national secrets at the expense of our national security.

I find it interesting that common sense just doesn't exist in many Americans and even in fewer Europeans. WE ARE AT WAR. Do any of these fools know what that means? It means you do any and everything you can to vanquish the people who are bent on killing you and your countrymen. It also means that you NEVER TIP YOUR HAND, the way the NY Times seems bent on doing for us. I don't care if the methods of collection are "obvious," you never state what they are--never.

Cliff, I've been associated with the military all my life and served in it during the decades of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Now, as a support contractor, I still work on DOD programs to this very day. I will never understand why you'd ever give any quarter to people who are galvanized in their resolve to kill you. Everyone in the Marines (the branch in which I served) understood the stakes. There was a time when other Americans did as well, but clearly Cindy Sheehan is not among them. The editors and writers at the NY Times are not among them. Harry Reid and his brain-dead colleagues are not among them. It's unbelievable to me that politics is trumping the safety of the American people.

Have a good Christmas, Cliff. Hopefully, next year, a few more lights will come on in the cranial cavities of the American left.

Skip Parker
It appears that you can count U.S. News and World Report among those brain-dead who allow politics to trump safety. In my mind this reporter and those in charge at News and World Report are traitors. The people who leaked this program are traitors. And they should be tried as such.

My only consolation, and believe me it is a tiny one, is that they would be caught in the nuclear fire brought by these terrorists. If only so many innocents would not be hurt in the bargain.


Here is a great summary of why this does not require a warrant. I knew this, why didn't the main stream media? Answer -- because they didn't want to. Either they are lazy or corrupt, or in my opinion, both.

Michele Malkin tells us more about how the MSM seems determined to sell America out to our enemies.