Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How They Really Feel

The American people rate honesty and ethics in various professions.

Nurses 82
Druggists/Pharmacists 67
Medical doctors 65
High school teachers 64
Policemen 61
Clergy 54
Funeral directors 44
Bankers 41
Accountants 39
Journalists 28
Real estate agents 20
Building contractors 20
Lawyers 18
Labor union leaders 16
Senators 16
Business executives 16
Stockbrokers 16
Congressmen 14
Advertising practitioners 11
Car salesmen 8
Telemarketers 7

Frankly, I think nurses win because of those sexy white stockings, but that could just be my fantasy alone. Otherwise I am struck at how well the "po-po" did, coming in fifth. And we aren't that far behind two, three or four. My buddy, Chuck, the pharmacist is number two, but then they have all that free viagra to give out which I am sure inflates (pun intended) their rating.