Monday, September 17, 2007

It's sucking my will to live . . .

My mind didn't have the opportunity to wander much today since it was focused on obtaining, installing, and then playing World of Warcraft.

It turned out obtaining the game was not so hard since loving wife took a detour from her grocery shopping to pick it up at Best Buy. What a gal, huh? She even managed to get the Collector's Edition!

Unfortunately, the installation proved to be more difficult because one of the disks had a defect and would not let me fully install the game. But a quick (I was speeding - shoot me) 25 mile drive back to Best Buy, an even quicker exchange (the sales gal was great), and a equally quick drive back home solved that problem, so I was up and playing in no time.

The down side is we are leaving tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my parents (along with my sister and brother and quite a few of my extended family, including my 94 year old grandmother). Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my family, but I can't take the game with me and I have been waiting to play it for over a year. So, rest assured I will "quickly" drive back home on Friday so I can get some game time in during the weekend.

Anyway, the house is very busy with packing and WOW playing and haircutting. Oh, did I not mention that loving wife cuts the boys' hair? Well, she does and she even uses a Flowbee to do it. I kid you not. (For those of you that don't know, the Flowbee is the infamous haircutting machine that uses a vacuum cleaner to "suck" the hair up into the cutting blades).

You see, years ago when I was in the Air Force, we saw a commercial for the Flowbee on TV and on a whim ordered one to see if it actually worked. And it did! In fact, it worked so well I used it to cut my hair too.

Now admittedly it is only good for short cuts, but for three boys and a military guy it was perfect. And when you consider that a haircut costs around $10 it resulted in some serious savings over a year ($10 x 4 haircuts x 26 times a year = $1040) . That is not chicken feed - or it wasn't back then.

She only uses it on our youngest boy now, though. The other two are way too cool to let her cut their hair and I guess I am too now. But it sure was a good investment.

Besides, the boys crying out, "It's sucking my will to live!" every time we cut their hair never lost its charm . . .