Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Margarita Mantra

Took loving wife to a new Tony Romas for an early birthday dinner last night. The restaurant is in one of those mega-malls and it was pretty busy, but we went early enough to get a table right away. The server was attentive and capable and the food was very good. Since we hadn't been to a Tony Romas in over 20 years, I have to say I was pleased that our memories of the experience were correct. We enjoyed it then and we enjoyed it now.

I had some kind of pumpkin-spice beer which, like the server said, sounded nasty but was quite good. Loving wife had her margarita as usual. It's always fun to see her taste one for the first time because you know you are going to get an immediate review. These weren't bad she said, but were a little too "fruity." They were also a tad expensive at over six bucks a pop.

Anyway, the funny of the evening was when the server came back and asked if we wanted another drink. I ordered another beer and then the server looked at loving wife and asked, "Would you like another margarita?" She looked at the ice-filled glass and then looked at him, and said, "It's empty."

I burst out laughing and she was quite flushed with embarrassment since she didn't mean it that way it sounded, but that is her new margarita mantra.

If the margarita glass is empty, fill it up.