Wednesday, September 19, 2007

High Heels On Credit

Is Blogger pissing anyone else off? It is taking decades to post and half the time my blog will not load up properly. To say this is annoying is, as any blogger knows, an understatement.

Plus, someone managed to get a hold of my credit card number and tried to charge $2000 worth of shoes from some fancy on-line shoe store.

Laura? Leesa? Anyone?

Fortunately, the credit card company has a system that flags any unusual purchases (unusual for me, that is, for some gals $2000 in high heels is a routine thing), so they declined the charge and cancelled my card. For that I am thankful, but now I have to wait a week or so for a new one. Still that is a blessing since it means I will have a week where I cannot possibly charge any Christmas presents.

I think I know how it happened too. I recently made a purchase through PayPal, my first time actually, and I think someone there misused the card. The reason I believe this is that the credit card security folks said the attempted charge was made in such a way that the number could not have been obtained physically, but only electronically. I don't quite understand that, but the only time I have used the card on the Internet was through PayPal a couple of weeks ago. So the process of deduction points to that as the likely source.

Sherlock Holmes would be proud of me I think.