Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Heart Most Of You

Because I tend to use the terms liberals, Democrats and leftists interchangeably and usually in a derogatory manner, I feel the need to point out that I do not believe all liberals are bad people. I do not believe all Democrats are bad people. I don't even believe that most liberals or Democrats are bad people. Nor do I believe that they are all America-haters or unpatriotic, something I felt the need to point out a while back when I was annoying some dear friends who are much more liberally inclined than I.

What I believe is that the majority of liberals and Democrats have allowed their political philosophy and political party to be taken over by nuts like Michael Moore,, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nanci Pelosi, and so on.

And this is why, although I am an Independent and will vote for the person not the party, I am definitely in the conservative mode these days. Which is reflected on this blog as you can see.

So to my liberal readers I want to say I appreciate your reading my blog and trying to understand where I am coming from, as I do try to understand where you are coming from.

Thank you.

*** Oh, I do hate leftists though. Commie pinkos that they are. He he.