Monday, September 17, 2007

Crazy ole uncle . . .

Hmmmm, I'm sitting here watching TV while I wait on my son to get in a few hours of World of Warcraft (I'm on my laptop, he is on the PC). We both have characters and we both want to play, but I am trying to be the nice Dad and let him get it out of his system first. I will most likely play well into the morning so it is not like I will get toooo far behind him. You see, the more you play the faster your character levels up in terms of strength and abilities and the more interesting game play becomes.

So, I will give him an hour more and then put him to bed like a concerned Dad, all the while knowing I am just doing it so I can get at the game.

Now, I also feel compelled to write things here because I told my family about my blog and they are no doubt going to be checking it now and again. They read part of it while we were together for Thanksgiving and I am not sure they were very impressed, but they will probably keep reading it on the off chance I mention them.

And speaking of my family, I got a chance to see my brother's computer yesterday and I was immediately jealous. Now, I have a good computer . . . a very capable gaming computer all dressed up in a black case with red, blue and green neon lights shining out the clear side and every nook and cranny . . . but his looks even better with a silver case and even more lights and even some gauges that measure sound and heat and other stuff. If even has a detailed paint job. Sweeeettttt! I did have a better video card though so it wasn't all bad.

I did enjoy seeing my family, especially my many nieces and nephews. I constantly tease them, but only because they are such good kids (Indeed, some of them are young adults now). Since I am older than my brother and sister, I guess I like to play the part of the "crazy ole uncle" and the kids don't seem to mind it so much (they might even enjoy it?). They may not appreciate me now, but once I win that lottery they will be giving me a call. If only we could find that out!!