Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Over The Top?

With friends like this, who the hell needs enemies. And in case you didn't know, this was a payoff to terrorists to obtain the release of a German hostage. Here's hoping the CIA kidnaps this guy, takes him to one of those secret prisons, tortures the hell out of him and then puts a bullet in his head.

Is that over the top? Maybe. But you know what? I am angry. I am angry that our allies betray us time and time again. I am angry that the liberal main stream media won't tell the truth about, well anything, and that they are making it their purpose in life to destroy the President even if it destroys our nation in the process. Disclose national secrets? No problem for them. Doesn't matter if it costs American lives as long as it damages Bush.

I am angry that corrupt politicians, mostly Democrats, but some Republicans too, would do the same, put politics over principle and virtually give themselves over to the terrorists for that one little chance to achieve power. These despicable people vote against what is arguably the best tool we have to fight terrorism, yet at the same time complain that the people fighting that war are not doing enough. And they voted for the damn thing in the first place. Shame on their hypocrisy times two.

I am angry that some people claim to love America, but clearly cannot stand anything about her. Her history. Her traditions. Her institutions. They attack them daily, and expect me to believe that they love her?


Some of my oldest and dearest friends think I am a fascist for my opinions. They read my thoughts and wonder what has come over me. Especially since not too many years ago I was probably more liberal than they are now.

But no matter how much I write I can't seem to get the reason across to them. I wish I could. Because it is important to me not only for them to understand why I feel this way, but also to realize that they need to feel this way too. I want them to see and understand the danger our nation faces today. And that danger is not from the President. That danger is from those Islamic fascists who will do anything in their power to destroy us. And from those in our own country who would either ignore that threat or assist our enemies in the pursuit of their own political or ideological ambition.

I wish I had some magic wand that would let them see what I see, but that doesn't exist. So I will just have to keep posting. Putting out there for them to see all the reasons why I feel the way I feel about these issues. That this is not a September 10 America.

And hoping that one day they will understand and maybe even agree.


Here's an example of what I am trying to get across.

Let's say a suspected al Qaeda operative in Afghanistan calls a suspected co-conspirator in New York City, who is, say, a Saudi legally here on a tourist visa.

The government has reason to believe that the Afghan is plotting an attack in the U.S. So the Justice Department goes to the FISA court with an application for a wiretap. But, in his infinite wisdom, some FISA court judge decides there is not enough "probable cause" to justify eavesdropping.

The Supreme Court has recognized, for about 150 years, that the POTUS has a constitutional obligation to protect the United States from external attack. Not just the power to do so, but an obligation to do so.

Are we really to believe that the commander-in-chief, the constitutional officer responsible for our security, is, in this example, powerless to order monitoring just because a federal judge -- who has no constitutional responsibility, NONE, for the national security of the United States -- has decided that there is not enough evidence for a FISA warrant?

Is that what we're supposed to believe? We are a superpower with a defense budget that is larger than the economies of most countries -- paid for by the American people precisely because they are concerned primarily about their security. Yet, when it gets down to brass tacks, our security hinges on whether a single, unaccountable federal judge thinks there is probable cause to monitor a telephone call that may not even involve any American citizen?

Have we gone insane?