Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogging for dummies (Well, this dummy) . . .

I am off on this rainy holiday and the kids are at school and loving wife is busy doing loving wife things so I am playing at this new hobby.

The thing is I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and it is becoming very frustrating as you might imagine.

I am trying to publicize my blog through the Technorati site and at their instruction I copied and pasted some html code into my template so their little spiders can find me and keep me updated in their list. It seems to have worked (which is a minor miracle), but in doing so the font on my blog has gotten bigger - - well, the whole page seems to have gotten bigger - - so much so that it annoys me.

So, if anyone has any suggestions as to what I did wrong or what I can do to fix it feel free share them with me . . .


I took the html code out and it reverted back to its original, and preferable, size. But as my new friend (hopefully) pointed out, the Technorati link was not on the blog so I may have been a tad too optimistic when I said it had worked in the first place. I said that because the Technorati site said that my "claim had been successfully embedded", which I guess does not mean what I thought it meant. So now I am back to square one.


I added the html code back in at the END of the template (I put it at the beginning on the first try) and it seems to have not effected (Affected? I never have understood the difference) the size of the blog this time. Whether or not the Technorati spiders can find the code at the end of the template is something I don't know (the amount I don't know about html coding would fill the Library of Congress), but I guess this is a good start. As to the a Technorati link showing on my blog I remain clueless. Is that something the added html code is supposed to do or do I do that manually? Interested minds want to know.


Actually, I am not sure if the page is "bigger" now or not . . . I switched from my glasses to my contacts (Getting old sucks) and what looked smaller earlier now looks bigger so I haven't a clue if the html code is effecting/affecting the size or not.