Monday, September 17, 2007

Drunken dwarves and silicone strippers . . .

Would Howard Stern please, please, puhleaseeeeeeeee quit whining about how the FCC is out to get him and just MOVE over to satellite radio already? I mean, I have nothing against Stern. In fact, I have listened to him on occasion and I found his movie pretty entertaining. But damn, he is a cry baby and his petulant tantrums are becoming quite annoying.

Now I could say something about how Stern is just playing the public so he can get people to come over to pay radio, but that is just the cynic in me. Stern would never do that, right?

Anyway, my opinion is that he is not going to be the big success on pay radio that he thinks he is going to be. And this is because Stern's fans fall into three broad categories:

1) Those who listen to him, but have no money to spend on satellite radio because they would have to give up their beer and cigarettes . . . this includes the drunken dwarves and silicone strippers sub-group.

2) Those who have some money, but are not going to spend it on pay radio when they can listen to free radio during their commute to work each morning. They will just find something else to listen to and will probably be better people for doing so.

3) Those who already have satellite radio and can just plug Stern into their favorite list.

Frankly, I don't think the last group is going to be enough to keep him in perms, but then again Stern has made a career out of proving his critics wrong.

Either way, I just wish he would do it already . . .