Monday, September 17, 2007

Respect my truck . . .

Loving wife just called and complained that the driver side door of "my" truck would not latch shut in that annoyed tone she sometimes uses when things don't work. Of course she has every right to be annoyed when things go wrong like this (I get more than annoyed, I assure you.), but her comment that "your truck is falling apart" was cruel and unusual.

I mean, the truck is 11 years old and by any definition a real "work" truck, and it actually runs quite well for its age and history, so I think she should show it more respect.

So I am off to fix a door . . .


Evidently the latch stuck in the closed (lock) position and wouldn't let the door close all the way. I used a screwdriver and popped it open and it works fine. Loving wife doesn't have a clue how that happened.