Monday, September 17, 2007

The wall fell and all I got was a lousy rock...

One of my favorite blogs is Vodkapundit and Will Collier over there just posted a reminder about this being the Fifteenth Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I immediately posted a response to his reminder which is what I am used to doing, but then my wandering mind recalled that I have my own little blog to post to so I am reprinting my post (with my permission) here . . .

In 1989 I had been in Germany for four years serving with the U.S. Air Force. My job as an Air Force counterintelligence officer was to conduct liaison/joint operations with German and other NATO intelligence services, and as you would expect virtually all of our attention was on East Germany, the rest of Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union.

The wall falling was not only a very emotional "personal" moment for me, but also a proud professional moment for the thousands of military and civilian intelligence professionals working to counter the Eastern European/Soviet threat.

I watched as they tore down the wall with a sense of pride in both my country and my Commander in Chief for standing firm in the face of criticism at home and abroad.

Since election day I have been feeling the same way . . .

PS . . . I managed to get a small piece of the wall and it now sits in a shadow box on my family room wall. Which brings to mind a T-shirt that says "I helped knock down the Berlin Wall and all I got was a lousy rock?"

Of course, that is not true . . . what I really got was my freedom and the freedom of my children.