Monday, September 17, 2007

They don't call them "yes" men for nothing . . .

I am sitting here surfing political blogs and while I'm normally drawn to the conservative ones, I thought I would check out some of the more liberal blogs for a change of pace.

Mostly I have noticed that these left-leaning blogs are very angry and full of contempt for anyone who disagrees with them. There is also a large helping of paranoia at all of the sites I visited, which cannot be healthy for the Democratic party in the future (Hell, it wasn't healthy for them on November 2nd).

The Democratic Underground takes this paranoia and inability to even listen to opposing views to a new height in that it simply BANS any conservative poster . . . and not just those that try to disrupt the site, but all voices of the right no matter how reasonable they might be.

We ban conservative disruptors who are opposed to the broad goals of this website. If you think overall that George W. Bush is doing a swell job, or if you wish to see Republicans win, or if you are generally supportive of conservative ideals, please do not register to post, as you will likely be banned.

I don't see how ONLY hanging around with people who agree with you can be healthy either . . . they don't call em "yes" men for nothing.

By contrast, I have never been to a conservative blog that didn't accept, if not actually welcome, posts from liberals . . . maybe they are out there, but I don't know about them . . .