Monday, September 17, 2007

To tell or not to tell . . .

To tell your friends or not to tell your friends . . . that is the question.

So far I have only told two friends about my new blogging hobby and even doing that was a real tough thing to do. It's not because I am embarrassed to be "caught up in a craze" like my 15 year old son said, but frankly I am a little timid about sharing my thoughts with people who already know me. Perhaps it is my age, because my review of blogs over the past few days seems to indicate that younger people have absolutely NO compunction with sharing their deepest thoughts with and about their friends.

If this blog were about a specific subject like art or photography or snipe hunting I suppose it would be easier, but since it is mostly about my thoughts as I go through any given day, it is a little more personal to me. And who wants to share personal items with friends? Better to share them with strangers who won't be mortified or offended when you next see them in person.

The fact that I will be mentioning some of my friends, co-workers, and professional contacts in my posts only complicates things. Of course, I would never mention them by name (code-names maybe), but it doesn't take a "Blue stater" to figure out when someone is talking about you.

My dear friend the teacher has been mentioned in a few posts and while she has a great sense of humor, I am not sure how she really feels about being the subject of my public (as opposed to private) thinking. She hasn't responded to my last email and I am beginning to be a bit concerned . . . I may be apologizing for some time . . . but since she is a part of my life like my other friends and family, I am not sure I can simply exclude her.

Maybe with time I can share this with more people I know . . . we shall see.

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned my extended family . . . that is another story all together . . .